How do I register?
Fill out the Camp Registration. Or email your child's full name,
age/DOB, parents names, numbers, camp 1st choice, 2nd choice, other

How do I get involved in Spring/Fall Soccer leagues, what are the
Soccer leagues for kids 3-U8 start April 6- May 25th. To be held on
Saturdays at the Denver's Wash Park including 8 games/training
sessions. With games being anywhere from 11-2pm. The cost is $375 per
team or $150 for individuals. U4-U7 will all come for a structured
practice for 30mins, then a 30min game.
There is a $40 non-refundable administrative fee.

How much does a camp cost?
Camp total is $150 PER 2 MONTH SESSION
$99 for the 1hour one sport week long camps.
After school and league programs fluctuate in price.
$150 for a two hour week long multi sport camp
There is a $40 non-refundable deposit fee for each camp.

Who do I make the check payable to?
CKC, or Colorado Kids Camp

What will my child be doing?
Each camp is age appropriate, and is designed to not only teach your
child the basic’s of the sport, but have fun doing it. We have s
structured but fun way of coaching techniques, motor skills,
fundamentals, and incorporating them into fun games that help kids with
fitness, understanding the game, and growth development.

How long is each camp session?
Camps run every 2 months. You will have 8 camps on your scheduled
weekday, and then 2 Saturdays following each 4th day of camp we hold a
“fun day at the park” We also offer week-long camps lasting one week.
Camps run throughout the Spring to Fall, you can join anytime!

How long is each camp day?
Camps last 1 hour each camp day, including 50minutes of instruction.
Kids 8-18yrs old will attend a 2hr long camp M-Th. Week long camps run
either a morning or afternoon session for 2hrs

Where is the camp?
During Spring, Summer, and Fall at various parks around the Metro
Area. During school (Fall, Winter, and Spring) we have several after
school programs.
What days and times are camps?
See the
Calendars tab

What if we miss the enrollment deadline?
If there is still room you can join a camp after season starts. If you
would like more information please contact or Susie at
SusieOhle@coloradokidscamp.com with details
In the future late fees may apply.

What happens during inclement weather?
Weather hotline 720-629-4179, please call 1 hour prior to your camp to
hear updated weather message. If the camp is canceled, we try to do the
make up within one week.  

What happens if my child gets hurt?
CKC is not liable for any injuries. We will immediately contact
emergency help that you are responsible for paying
Who are the coaches?
Check out our
Contact Us tab.

Which sports does CKC offer?
Right now we offer Soccer, Basketball, Base/Softball, Speed/Agility/
and Quickness. We are going to add rugby, lacrosse, football, and tennis.

What do we bring or wear?
We ask that you ALWAYS bring water. Have the kids dressed in comfy
clothes (weather appropriate) and ALWAYS in sneakers or appropriate
footwear. We provide all the sports equipment the kids would need.
However, if your child has a glove (baseball), we encourage them to get
used to it and bring it to camp.

How old does my child need to be?
We work with children ages 2 1/2-18yrs old
What is CKC’s contact information?
720-629-4179, fax 303-795-1209
Director Susie–

Do you offer birthday parties?
Yes, If you would like more information please contact us with the date
of your party, and how many will be attending. $200
Do you offer “team” or “personal” camps?
Yes, personal sessions cost more or if you have 8 or more kids and would
like to set up your own group or team camp, please contact us at
SusieOhle@coloradokidscamp.com with availability.

How can I get involved working for CKC?
Here at Colorado Kids Camp we are always looking for quality coaches,
and volunteers. Please send resume to
A Sports Development Program for Kids 2 1/2- 18years old